Sunday, November 11, 2012

Back Again

Hello blogosphere.  I am back up and running after Hurricane Sandy.  Fortunately I was only inconvenienced by power loss/gas shortages, unlike so many people just a stones throw away from me that lost so much more.  It’s still surreal to me, and it’s heartbreaking that so many people seem to find it so easy to forget that so many others just down the block are displaced still (and will continue to be so).  Luckily that is not everyone (who forgot).

I’m back to work (my office lost power as well) and have spent the last week starting to train the temp who will be covering for me while I’m out on maternity leave and trying to catch up on my own stuff.  I’ve been swamped and therefore extremely over-tired.  The reason I care so much about training her is because if she does well, when I return after my leave she will stay on and I will get a promotion (and a raise).  Obviously, this is something that a new (possible single) mom needs to take very seriously.  Although the raise surely won’t be enough for the plans that I have, but at least it will help in the meantime until I find something new altogether.

My last day of work is slated for November 30th.  Let’s see what happens!

I had to miss a doctor appointment due to the storm, and then I spent a week trying to get in touch with them to reschedule (their phones are still down).  So I went directly to the office and they squeezed me in.  Luckily all is well.  In one weeks time I will be considered full-term.  In a few weeks regardless, I will be a mom, and nothing will ever be the same again.

I used to have time at work to do some writing, but now I don’t and by the time I get home I am completely shot.  I am also dealing with pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel.  So unfortunately I have little energy for my many thoughts to make it onto screen or paper.

And I have many thoughts as of late.

And the question that gnaws at me the most, is how can I want so many [opposite] things at once?

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